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We'll be the first to admit we don't know that much about the Libertarian candidates, so if you have significant material (hopefully with documentation) please click here and send it to us. Click on the allegation of your choice:

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Convicted Felon

Few Americans like taxes, and Libertarians are more bothered than most. But even within the party Schiff stands out as a tax protestor, one who was convicted of felony tax evasion. We take all qualified candidates seriously -- not as protest candidates, but as people who are asking to be judged acceptable as our next president. We don't think American is ready for someone who's already convicted even before they take office.

Even many Libertarians, while sympathetic to Schiff's gripes, dismiss him as a one issue candidate more interested in publicizing his grievances with the IRS than in trying to change or lead America. Schiff has apparently said his reason for running is 'the exposure of the federal mafia" [ aka the IRS] and 'the education of the American people that income taxes are voluntary". [Kids, don't try this at home unless you're prepared to go to jail, too.]

Running only to Sell His Book

It's bad enough to be a one issue candidate, though Steve Forbes has done pretty well by the strategy. The worst allegation against Schiff is that he has said he would use his campaign to promote his latest anti-tax book. We can't verify that, but it's sure a lousy reason to run. Who does he think he is, Howard Stern?


Don't have any idea, though his record on taxes implies that he might be a bit stubborn to be an effective president.


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